100x150cm // Mixed media (Acrylics, collage of photography and drawing on canvas) // 2016 

On the other side of the fence, close t

the mud.


That mud that is the bench from where I watch opportunities pass me by at

hundreds of kilometres of speed just

like those so called Mr. Success in those spaceship of theirs, very far from my



It’s like watching an Sci-fi movie for free.

All of those expensive things, expensive languages, expensive people and places, it all looks very alienigenous for me.


I can only see it from this side of the

fence, I wonder what would it be like to be in that side, inside...


I must be careful, the last thing I want is to get caught,

staring at that side for too long or look- ing like I could be thinking too much.

Someone might decide that I could be planning something...


Maybe they watching me form the top of those big tall towers, hidden behind those savage beasts or maybe

behind those mechanical eyes

Maybe they already have machines that read thoughts, who knows?


It’s a matter of luck - someone insist- ently once told me.

Some are born with it, others with 50% less,


Less food, less education, less opportu- nities, less respect, less dignity, less luck. “Malambas”(common problems) of a

life of shortcomings.


Fuck it, fuck that Mrs. Luck.

All snob, that never pays us a visit. maybe she doesn’t even exist. It’s a

made up character from a fantasy movie just like Santa Claus but only for those

on that side.


Well, I guess we are not behaving well...


DINNER’S SERVED!!! - a scream aggres- sively blows my dream bubble,

serving as a reminder that mine, instead, is not served yet and it is still to be



So, here I go back to my 50% reality.

Wish me luck!