90x120cm // Mixed media (Acrylics, collage of photography, intervention on photo and wooden sheets on canvas) // 2018 

Rich, we are rich. Rock gold, crystal gold and the other one, the one the created in us an explosion. A BOOM of liquidity.


In fact it was a bit too much for us, it

seems that someone tried really hard

but we really couldn’t handle it. So it

started to spill all over the place until

opportunities, lives and even hope started to drawn in all that has been spilled.


It is dark, a very dark situation

but the people, those who are often forgotten, those who are always the victim, those who also carry inside the so called human nature.

Those are the ones who really shine, the real treasure.

Those that even after all the storms, in one way or another, get up and carry on they never-ending search for the beauty in life, no matter the circumstances, no matter what. Just like that girl right there on the beach, the shell catcher, digging’.

She could be earning a bit more selling drinks or food like the other girls in the zone. Instead, prefers the shells. “The shells are prettier, more colourful. I like beautiful things, they give me joy” as she says.