100x150cm // Mixed media (Acrylics, collage of photography and drawing on canvas) // 2016 

The scream

of pain. A mother that just lost her child, the future.

Everywhere we look it is dying ,continuosly, over and over. Still the city goes and grows, unproportional and in all directions and we are proud, I think...


The future keeps on dying, no one seems to be disturbed, the city keeps on growing and we are still proud and numb,  I think I’m sure...


We don’t see anymore just.. Look! There’s too much caos, too much pollution.

The schoking normality, and thats what it is, just normality.

Above all, surving is all there matters . A natural instinct.We could not help doing otherwise.


So, we keep going on, doing our thing, surviving. The future, our future, keeps on dying and the mothers, our mothers, keep on crying  AIUÊ MONAMI !*